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Emergency Loans For Bad Credit

Having a low credit score will usually make it more difficult to be approved for emergency loans, as well as all other forms of credit. This tends to be especially common with same day loans as the automated processes that are designed to speed up approval times will only look at your credit score, and if it doesn’t meet a minimum threshold you could be rejected. This may be the case even if you would be able to sustainably afford the emergency cash loan you’ve applied for.

Here at QuidMarket, we don’t think a credit score is the best reflection of your suitability for quick emergency loans, so we’re willing to look at the bigger picture. During our decision-making process, we’ll consider your regular income and outgoing payments you make each month to determine if you can sustainably afford the loan. What’s more, every application is manually underwritten – because we think the few extra minutes it takes for a member of our team to personally look over your application is worthwhile.

We wouldn’t approve emergency loans for bad credit in the UK if they would potentially lead you into further financial difficulties, and we will signpost services that can help if we suspect an applicant is in financial trouble.

As an FCA authorised and responsible lender, we will carry out credit checks, but are willing to consider all levels of credit. We also run fraud prevention checks to help ensure emergency payday loans for bad credit are not taken out in your name without your knowledge.