Emergency Loans Online, Emergency Cash Loans Today

If you need funds in a hurry due to an emergency situation, we can help you with quick and reliable emergency loans today. Here at Fast Loan UK, we can help you borrow between £50 and £2,000 with our instant emergency cash loans, designed to help you pay your emergency expense quickly to get your life back on track. If you have suffered a boiler failure, your car needing urgent repairs, your washing machine breaking down, or one of many other unforeseen emergency issues, we can provide the funding to resolve them today. Click Apply Now and get instant pre-approval!

What Are Emergency Loans Online?

We all know that the unexpected can happen at any moment, causing issues with your finances that put a strain on your ability to resolve a situation. That is where emergency loans from Fast Loan UK can help fill the gap with funds for when you really need it and when you have no other viable options. Emergency loans online can help you resolve any number of different circumstances whether it is an unexpected repair bill, or you need to pay for something quickly due to no other choice. Ideally, you would already have an emergency savings fund to help in these exact moments, but not everybody can rely on their savings in times of need. Having the option to apply for instant emergency cash loans can be an ideal way to resolve your situation.

How Can I Get Emergency Loans Today?

To be eligible for emergency loans online through Fast Loan UK, you will need to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Aged 18 and over
  • A Current UK Resident
  • Are Full or Part-Time Employed, or Self-Employed
  • Have a Regular Source of Income
  • Be able to provide Debit Card and Bank Trương mục Details

If you meet the above, then click Apply Now and you can quickly fill in an application form for emergency same day loans.

The process is really simple and we have designed it to be as quick as possible to ensure you can receive a decision on emergency loans in an instant. Just fill in the application with the loan amount and terms you want, provide some personal details including your name, address, email, and phone number, and we can begin the process. You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Care Manager who will be able to oversee your application for emergency loans online, and they will contact you if any further supporting information for your application is needed. This will take no longer than 5 minutes if needed.

Once we have been able to assess your eligibility, conduct a credit check and review your affordability, we will be able to provide a decision. If you’re approved for emergency loan help, we will text you a link to digitally sign your loan agreement and once complete, you’ll be deposited the loan amount into your bank tài khoản within 15 minutes. It really is that quick to get emergency same day loans through us.

Useful Information about Emergency Loans

Will I Need a Credit Check for Emergency Loan Help?

We will run a search of your credit file to assess your application for our emergency loans online. This is because as responsible lenders, we need to ensure you can afford the loan amount and terms you have applied for. We will process a soft search at the beginning of your application, using a Credit Reference Agency (CRA), to check your current credit score and to give us an indication if emergency loans are right for you. Once pre-approved, a hard search will be performed that will show up on your credit file. Unfortunately, we cannot approve any emergency loans without performing credit searches during your application, so you will need to be happy for this as part of the terms of the credit agreement. Although we will run a credit check, we do consider your finances overall before making a decision to lend, checking your affordability and current circumstances together.


How Much Can I Borrow with Emergency Same Day Loans?

The maximum amount you can borrow from us with emergency loans is £800 if you are a brand-new customer. The reason for this is because we need to ensure you can repay a loan through us successfully first before you will be eligible to apply for higher values. Once you have become a trusted customer, we are happy to consider emergency same day loans for values up to £2000. Whilst we are happy to provide higher value loans, we don’t encourage you to apply for more than you need to borrow.

Representative example:

Borrow: £500 over 16 weeks. 4 repayments of £183.59. Total amount payable £734.36. Interest rate: 151.4% pa (fixed). Representative 766.18.% APR.


I Have Bad Credit, Can You Still Help Me with Instant Emergency Cash Loans?

We are happy to help with emergency loans for customers who have a poor or bad credit history. This is because we consider many things as part of the lending decision process. By all means, this doesn’t guarantee you will be approved for emergency loans if you have bad credit, however, we want to give all customers a chance where they may have been declined elsewhere. Where some lenders fully automate their decision to lend to you, we take a different approach and consider your current financial situation personally. If you can show proven affordability and meet our eligibility requirements, our Customer Care Managers will take the time to consider your application. Please note, if you have been declared bankrupt, have a Debt Relief Order or have an IVA, then we will have to decline your application.


How Many Times Can I Borrow Emergency Cash Loans?

Hopefully, any emergencies that arise for you will be few and far between, however, if you have already had an emergency loan through us, you may be able to borrow again. If you have successfully paid off your first loan with us, you will be eligible to apply for up to £2000, but this is not guaranteed. In any situation where repeat borrowing is required, we will still perform a current credit check and will assess your present affordability using Open Banking. This is to ensure your circumstances have not changed in the time between your last loan with us. Any form of short term loan through us is designed for occasional use, not to manage any existing debt you may have. Our loans are not suitable for long term use. If you have any questions about emergency loans online with us, please contact us.

Why Would I Need an Emergency Loan?

Preparing for the unexpected is difficult, so being able to use an emergency loan to resolve a situation quickly can be ideal. There are many reasons you may need emergency funds, whether you’ve had an unexpected bill to settle, emergency car repairs, a shortfall of cash until your next payday or boiler repairs that cannot wait. If it is an essential expense and you don’t have the savings to cover it, an emergency loan can help. Are

Emergency Loans Guaranteed to be Approved?

No loan is guaranteed approval, so you will need to undergo the correct assessment first. At Fast Loan UK, we don’t provide 100% acceptance loans, instead we focus on your affordability and current circumstances. Whilst we do check your credit file, this isn’t the only factor in providing a lending decision. If we cannot determine you can afford the loan, or it will put you into further difficulties, we will have to decline your application.

How Do Repayments Work with an Emergency Loan?

Repayments on an emergency loan are flexible and work similarly to other types of short term cash loans. We’ll arrange a continuous payment authority (CPA) on your bank tài khoản as part of your credit agreement. This means on the agreed repayment date, we will automatically take the funds, so all you need to do is ensure you have enough credit to cover this. We’ll send a reminder a few days before too. It’s important to choose repayments before applying that you can maintain.

Can I Get an Emergency Loan if I’m Unemployed?

Unfortunately, if you are unemployed then we cannot provide emergency loans. As a minimum requirement, applicants need to be in either full or part-time employment, including self-employed, and receive a regular income. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please visit Money Helper for further advice and information that may help you.

Will I Need a Guarantor for Emergency Loans?

We do not require applicants to provide a guarantor when applying for an emergency loan. You can complete an application as a sole applicant, even if you are someone with a history of poor credit. We welcome applications from those with varying credit histories, as long as repayments are affordable to you, and you can meet our eligibility requirements.

Will I Get Emergency Loan Funds the Same Day?

Yes, we aim to transfer approved funds quickly so that you can use them on the same day. Your bank will need to support the Faster Payments System (FPS), and your application will need to be within our business hours. Please note, any request outside of business hours, such as evenings or weekends, may not process until the following working day. For most approved applicants, funds can be transferred within just 15 minutes.