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What are the grooming policies for the EMT program?

Student Appearance

Clinical appearances are often dictated by the standard of practice in clinical settings,
where classroom and labs settings will often follow different program-specific preferences
provided by the Program Faculty. The School of Allied Health Handbook provides general
appearance guidelines to set a foundation of equity and inclusiveness. Please note
that these are overarching School of Allied Health requirements and specific program
or clinical affiliates may enforce more stringent requirements that will also be reviewed
by the School Dean and required to follow Valencia College’s Equal Access and Equal
Opportunity policies.

Natural Hair should be clean, neatly groomed and not interfere with a student’s clinical responsibilities
or personal protective equipment use. Students in direct patient care must have hair
pinned back or styled so that it does not fall over their face nor interfere with
patient care. Some departments may require that hair nets or caps be worn. Unnatural
hair color (blue, green, pink, etc.) is not permitted. Hair can be of any length provided
the styling of or the securing of the hair does not allow it to extend more than six
(6) inches below the bottom of the dress, shirt collar. Pony tails or braids are permitted.
Facial hair must be well groomed and not interfere with employee’s work or personal
protective equipment.

Nails must be worn no longer than the end of the fingertip without color or coating.

Grooming must be maintained with common standards in professions requiring close contact,
and no perfume nor cologne is permitted.

Tattoos must remain covered.

Uniform Requirements

Each program will provide specific uniform requirements, along with details on securing
viable uniform dress.  If there are concerns with the program requirements or any
ability to meet the requirements, please bring these to the attention of the Program
Chair as soon as possible.