English classes for adults | EF English speaking courses in the USA

Our English classes for adults are a full-time, structured program for people who want to make real progress in speaking English. We use the same blended instructional methods in all our English classes, leveraging technology to customize instruction and giving students individual practice on areas of difficulty. For adults, these methods are particularly effective because they provide each learner a framework within which to review and build upon his own skill base.

Our English classes for adults focus on speaking English first and foremost. Adults require encouragement and a positive learning environment to overcome their fear of failure in the English classroom. At higher levels, we broaden instruction to look at reading and writing skills in English. Total instruction time on this English class for adults is 17 hours, 20 minutes per week scheduled on weekday mornings and afternoons. We do not offer part-time evening or weekend courses in any of our schools.

Your English speaking class includes

  • 14 weekly English classes to build confidence in speaking English. The emphasis is on oral communication at the lower levels, then on expanding confidence in writing at the more advanced levels
  • 6 weekly teacher-guided lessons on computers or tablets to work on the areas you’re finding most challenging
  • 4 weekly workshops on subjects of your choosing, from history to popular culture. These modules allow you to customize your English classes to focus on your personal interests or areas where you want extra practice
  • 1 weekly cultural lecture (double lesson) to gain exposure to new subjects
  • All course materials, both off and online
  • Accommodation in a local host family (alternative accommodation options available for adults for a supplement)
  • Morning and evening meals with your host family, and all meals on weekends
  • A range of after-class and weekend activities organized in and around the school
  • Placement testing, end-of-course testing, and a graduation certificate
  • See individual school pages for prices