Estrella Insurance | Better Business Bureau® Profile


I need to make a complaint against Estrella Insurance, one of their employee has committed fraud with my name and went on to steal my Identity, my life has been turned into h*** she has gone to purchase things under my name, she hacked my phone. I called the office where she works and complained to her manager and he said he couldn’t do anything, I can’t believe that knowing that your employee is doing fraud against customers their is no consequences to their actions. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that they are doing this to. I was under the impression that Estrella Insurance was a reliable and trustworthy company never would’ve I thought that they would allow to have a employee that was using the customers to do fraud even though they were aware of what was going on. I have debts know that I didn’t make and my identity is being used by this insurance agent. I hope that there’s something that can be done to resolve this situation.

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