Even scantily clad servers couldn’t make it happen for this Dallas restaurant

Dallas’ male version of Hooters, called Tallywackers, has closed for now, although the restaurant claims that it’s moving and not shutting down.

The closure was abrupt and unannounced. On August 9, employees showed up at 11 am to find the door locked.

“Apparently, they did not tell their employees ahead of time, so they are all out of a job,” said one source who knew some of the workers. An ex-employee said that “there was a lot of BS with pay and management.”

Owner Rodney Duke was unavailable for comment, but the restaurant posted a disclaimer on its Facebook page, insisting that this was a move and not a closure.

“You may have heard the news, but for those of you who haven’t WE’RE MOVING!” the post said. “After opening May 30, 2015, Tallywackers has gone through many changes. We would like to thank the masses who have shown their support and love! As we grow larger and better, we invite everyone to stay tuned for our new location to be announced. Do you wanna see #Tallywackers in your city?? Tell us how much by commenting below! See you soon world.”

The restaurant’s calling card was its waiters, dressed in snug underwear; reviews of the food and drink were not positive, along the lines of, “Food was horrible and the waiters weren’t much better.” Another commenter described it as being, “full of drunk women who thought it was their answer to Hooter’s.”