Everywhere You Need to Eat in LA Right Now

Just like bumper-to-bumper traffic, LA’s dining scene is back in full force. The industry has been through hell and back over the last two years, deftly working around staffing shortages, shipping delays, and other pandemic chaos. Now free from (some of) those restrictions, local chefs and restaurateurs are eager to show diners what they’ve been experimenting with and where they’ve been finding inspiration.

No doubt influenced by our recent inability to travel, many of LA’s newcomers feature a global influence, highlighting flavors from everywhere from the Iberian Peninsula to Peru, Japan, and the Middle East, with extravagant dining rooms capable of transporting you to the furthest corners of the world. Fresh California produce continues to be an award-winning supporting actor, fostering new cuisine types inspired by seasonality and sustainable sourcing. Tasting menus and tapas-style meals have also risen in popularity, reflecting a dining populace that’s eager to embrace decadence by ordering everything in sight.

From Santa Monica to Downtown to Hollywood and beyond, spanning fresh seafood, weekend brunch, and classic pizza parlors, here are some of the most exciting restaurants in LA that have opened this year: