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Tanning Services

Spray Tan:

Spray tan appointment takes place inside a tent structure. You have to strip down to your underwear usually and step into the tent, where a professional technician will use a spray gun to apply a tanning solution all over your body.

The solution contains bronzer and DHA. While bronzer gives glowing skin, DHA is an active ingredient that binds with dead skin cells in the top layer of skin to give a darker skin tone.

Tanning Bed:

A tanning bed, also commonly known as a sunbed, is equipped with UV lamps or bulbs that emit artificial radiation. You can lie down in the tanning bed either nude or in a bikini for 1-12 minutes, depending on the shade of tan you want.  

The radiation from the bulbs can penetrate deep into your skin and trigger melanocyte cells to produce more melanin which is responsible for the tan. The more the presence of melanin, the darker your skin will be.