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Lash extensions are one of the most profitable treatments you can offer as they offer a high volume of repeat business with clients returning for regular infills every couple of weeks. Developing proficiency in lash extensions will offer you a high-profit margin and growing client base.  During the lash Extensions Course you will learn the most up to date individual lash techniques to be able to start offering this profitable service.

During the Lash Extensions Course, you will learn the most up to date lash extensions techniques to create full and natural-looking lash extensions that will last for weeks with only one application. We offer our lash Extensions training at our Aberdeen and Glasgow academics.

To provide your customers with the most up to date lash extensions treatment and obtain repeat clientele you need to have the most up to date lash techniques and procedures. Enrol on the lash Extensions Course and kickstart your new career as a lash tech or start your own business. On completion of the course you will be able to cater to your client base and grow your business with new technicalities.

When you become a lash technician through our comprehensive Lash Extensions Diploma Course this gives you the entry qualification to go on and complete advanced lash techniques such as Russian volume lashes and hybrid lashes which are a mix of individual lash extensions and Russian volume lash extensions. The practical training takes place at Scotland’s leading beauty academy, we have locations in Aberdeen and Glasgow making the course easily accessible.

You may also be entitled to £200 of ITA funding to cover the course cost. Click the above link to apply.

Lash Extensions Course

Our Eyelash Extensions course will demonstrate the most up to date lash techniques to allow you to start offering this popular and profitable treatment to your customers. A career in the growing lash industry offers you and your business high-profit margins and returning clientele. With most clients returning for regular maintenance lash infill appointments this is a great treatment to offer within your business to help retain clients and build up a loyal client base. This comprehensive 1-day lash extensions course covers the most up to date application techniques, trouble shooting, removal and maintenance, contra-indications, health & safety and homecare/aftercare. The lash Extensions training is available at our Aberdeen and Glasgow academies.

Our 1-day Lash Extensions Diploma Course includes:

  • Up to date lash application techniques
  • Troubleshooting
  • Removal and Maintenance
  • Contra-Indications
  • Health & safety measures
  • Homecare and aftercare measures.

Our Lash Extensions Course is offered both at our Aberdeen and Glasgow academies.

Entry Requirements None

Suitable for – Beginners

Qualification – Semi Permanent Lash Extension Diploma

Duration – 1 day

What could this course lead to Working in a lash bar, owning your own business, working mobile or from home.

*All products and equipment are provided for Lash extensions training, and kits are available for purchase on the day.