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Richard T

TX22-08044 is the claim number. On Friday, May 27th, 2022, I was hit by someone who is insured by Falcon. I have called every day for the past 3 weeks to get some type of assistance. My first agent was a *****, and then it was changed to an ********* without my permission or knowledge. I was told that a link would be sent to me to upload the photos from the accident. I have yet to receive that link. However, something told me to call to see if they had the right information. Well, come to find out, they did not have my phone number correct in their system, although I called each day and verified the phone number. I do not understand how they are missing this. I am so hurt that this company has not shown me any type of respect or any conclusion as to what is next. I pay 700 a month for my Jeep. I work hard and don’t bother anyone. I have pride in my Jeep, and when I was hit, this really took a toll on my mental health. I’m determined that people are against me. Being suicidal and also battling with mental health issues has finally made it worse. The Jeep is all I have in this world. I lost my husband last year and now this. I just want someone to tell me what to do next. I hate myself that this has happened to me. I wish I would’ve done what everyone does in *****, especially after getting hit by a foreigner. I just asked for cash because I’m starting to think the insurance company is a scam. Please, someone assist me with my questions. I’m becoming more and more worried. I will not stop until this is resolved and someone reaches out with the next steps. I promise I will seek justice for my accident.