Farmers & Distillers | DC | A Farmer Owned Restaurant

George Washington’s American industriousness and keen eye for opportunity are built into the very foundation of this country and into every aspect of Farmers & Distillers. Using President Washington as our true north we kept asking ourselves, “What would George do?” be it with flavor, cooking technique, or atmosphere. At Farmers & Distillers, we are taking you on a diverse culinary journey as we envision he must’ve experienced, with dishes showcasing his well-documented passions for European cooking techniques and pioneering American flavors. President Washington’s approach to leveraging the lands and water at his beloved estate, Mount Vernon, as well as the skills and abilities of those around him, directed us to pay homage to our Mt Vernon Square neighborhood, including the immigrant settlers of yesterday and the Chinatown neighborhood of today. This amazing journey has led the way to our unique offerings that we’re excited to share with you.