Favorite Snacks for Eating with Chron’s Disease

6. Snack bars

There’s quite a few gluten and dairy-free snack bars-like LARA bars-that I find are perfect for traveling. They are usually a blend of dried fruit and nuts and whilst relatively high in fiber, I find they’re quite smooshed together so are usually safe.

7. Chia pudding

If you’re looking for a desert style snack, why not try making chia pudding. Chia seeds swell when added to liquid (you could use things like coconut or plant-based milk) and is a good source of soluble fiber. It turns into a gloopy mix which is thought to be quite soothing on the gut compared to most other seeds.

8. Bone broth

This one’s not really a snack but if I’m hungry and don’t really feel I could handle a meal, I’ll sip on cups of bone broth instead.

9. Chicken

A bit boring and bland but tucking into bits of chicken is a good way of getting some extra protein. Lean white meat is usually a pretty safe bet for IBD from experience.

10. Oatmeal pots

Readymade oatmeal pots (that you just add water to) are pretty great for snacking on the go. I’m usually pretty happy with oats as long as they’re gluten-free.