[Feature 59]Part 3 These are the udon noodle restaurants in Kyoto you cannot miss! | Sharing Kyoto

Speaking of Kyoto, most of you must be thinking of boiled tofu or kaiseki, a type of Japanese haute cuisine. Of course eating these Kyoto delicacies must be a special experience for travelers.

But on the other hand, did you know that really many food enthusiasts come to Kyoto just to have udon noodles? This is easy to understand when you get to know that Kyoto has many popular udon restaurants that always have lines to get in, and many smaller udon restaurants that have been loved by the locals for a long time. These food enthusiasts talk of Kyoto as the “hidden highly competitive udon marketplace.”

The most important part of Kyoto’s udon is the dashi broth. The udon broth made from bonito and kelp stock and thin soy sauce is exquisite. Sometimes before you notice it you have finished the whole bowl, broth and all. Kyoto’s udon is softer than others so that it can sip up the broth. It is so soft that the udon can break just from being lifted by chopsticks. Indeed, the soft noodles and the dashi broth really go well together and form a gentle taste that is sure to warm your body. Udon is great for cold winter days.

In this part I will introduce to you only the best restaurants in Kyoto’s highly competitive marketplace. I want you to go to an udon restaurant and taste the essence of Kyoto – the dashi broth.