Felix Trattoria

If you’re lucky enough to snag a reservation at Evan Funke’s Felix, consider fasting before you go. The restaurant, which pays homage to Italy’s most beloved culinary regions, boasts a glass-enclosed, temperature-controlled pasta lab where you can watch Funke himself (who sat down with Thrillist to talk about this very subject) roll and hand-cut delicately shaped orecchiette or round, dumpling-like strangolapreti. Though pasta’s his specialty, the rest of the menu is no afterthought, from stuffed squash blossoms to the bubbly, pillowy, profoundly delicious sfincione—a loaf of Silician focaccia that’s beautifully dressed in sea salt and olive oil. Don’t sleep on the pizzas here either; the kitchen proudly mixes its dough by hand, which results in thin, slightly charred crusts topped with seasonal ingredients.