Felix Trattoria menu in Venice, California, USA

Beautiful patio, incredible service and kind staff. However, the food truly leaves a lot to be desired. The focaccia truly won the entire meal. It was absolutely excellent and it set the expectations high. I should?ve just eaten that and left. The squash blossoms lacked some form of acidity/ tang, and left a lot to be desired. They really could have been paired with something to offset the oiliness and blandness. The burrata and persimmon dish was nothing spectacular. The Diavola pizza was decent, but definitely on the too salty side. Overall, the pizza was pretty good, but not excellent. The pastas were the true disappointment. We got a 9 pm reservation after months of trying to get a spot here, expecting the pasta to blow us away. The tagliatelle was $40, and I?m still in shock as to why. It was served cold, and was basically just ground meat and pasta. There was no sauce, nothing spectacular that distinguished it from other bolognese that I?ve had, and certainly did not justify the cost AT ALL. I truly don?t understand. The portion was also small. The other two pasta dishes were not even memorable enough for me to retell any grand tale. Overall, I?m thankful for the staff, but the food truly is not worth the insane hype that I?ve heard for years. I?ve been to many more far superior Italian restaurants, that have cost 1/3 of the prices here. I?m willing to spend more money, but something has to justify the extra cost. Overall, I wouldn?t come back. But I truly wish them the best!