File or View Your Insurance Claim

We offer multiple auto inspection and repair options

Keep in mind, you don’t have to actually get repairs. Instead, you can simply get an inspection to see what your damages are, and we’ll send you payment for that amount (minus your applicable deductible). However, if you have a loan or lease, you should check with your lender to see if they require repairs.

Network repair shops

If you already have a repair shop in mind, you can use them too. In fact, you can use any shop you’d like, but you should check to see if they’ll guarantee your repairs.

See more on our limited lifetime guarantee for repairs

Repairs for other products are just as easy

Motorcycle, boat, and RV claims

We have established relationships with dealers and repair shops to make sure everything goes smoothly. But you can still choose another shop if you'd like.

Home, condo, and renters claims*

You’re free to use any contractor you’d like (or DIY). Your claims rep will coordinate the process and make sure you’re always updated.