Firearms Training School in Swansea, MA | Salomon Firearms Training

1. We are a Combat Veteran, Black, and Immigrant owned business.

2. We are the largest training academy in New England. We’ve trained thousands of students across MA, RI, NH, CT, and helped them get their firearm licenses. We provide the best training available, offering a diverse set of student and instructor courses from the NRA, USCCA, SABRE RED, and other nationally recognized organizations, as well as our own in-house courses.

SFT produces more quality students, Range Safety Officers, and Firearm Instructors, than any other institution.

3. We provide quality instruction without the interference, shortcomings, and distractions of politics. We teach without prejudice and discrimination of individuals or groups based on race, social & economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, or disability. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their personal or cultural background. We provide People of Color and all other marginalized groups, a safe space to train.