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Our History

Each club has a story all its own, but the history of Aspen Valley is truly distinct. The golf course was originally created in 1973 as part of a larger, 36-hole project that included Continental Golf Course and what was then called Elden Hills Golf Course. In hindsight, the project was a bit ambitious for its time, and after some notable ownership changes (including a group involving the the infamous Charles Keating at one point), an opportunity was presented to the “regulars” at Elden Hills: if they could gather the money, they could buy the golf course, convert it to a private club, and re-open with a new vision, a new direction.

To make a long and very interesting story short, in 1993 a group of 315 charter members each contributed $7,000 and the current iteration of Aspen Valley was born. Since that time, the club has grown to its cap of 400 members and basically stayed there. The club shares a golf maintenance company with the neighboring Continental Golf Course, an arrangement which benefits both facilities by nearly doubling the resources which can be dedicated to equipment, staff, and necessary agronomic resources. Beyond that, the club is operated by the members, under the direction of an annually elected board.

There are many charter members from 1993 who remain today, and they will tell you that the club has largely lived a charmed life. There have, of course, been challenges along the way, but the compelling layout, highly desirable location, and committed series of boards have allowed the club to be as strong today as it was when it was formed nearly three decades ago.