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Nail Technician or Specialist

A nail specialist or technician is a person registered to engage in the practice of manicuring and pedicuring in the State of Florida.

Manicuring is defined as the cutting, polishing, tinting, coloring, cleansing, adding, or extending of the nails, and massaging of the hands. This term includes any procedure or process for affixing of artificial nails, except those nails which may be applied by a simple adhesive.

Pedicuring is defined shaping, polishing, tinting, or cleansing of the nails of the feet, and massaging or beautifying of the feet.

All of the services listed above must be performed in a licensed salon.

Nail Specialist License Renewal Information

All nail specialists in the state of Florida are required to complete 10 hours of continuing education training before the expiration of their renewal cycle.