Follow the Carnivore Diet? Here are 9 of the Best Carnivore Snacks!

woman eating epic protein bar wearing glasseswoman eating epic protein bar wearing glasses

Are you eating more of a Carnivore/keto Diet, but struggling to find snacks to eat while on the go?! 

On a keto diet, the love for meat is strong, so naturally, the carnivore lifestyle is always intriguing to us here at Hip2Keto. This month we’ve been taking a deep dive into The Carnivore Code by Dr. Paul Saladino for our latest Hip2Keto Book Club selection.

While people may just think of the carnivore diet as loads of ribeye steaks (which is actually one viable way to follow the lifestyle), there are actually other easy carnivore foods you can chow down on when you need a quick bite to eat.

Check out our favorite quick, on-the-go carnivore diet snacks:

1. Pepperoni Chips

pepperoni chips on a baking sheetpepperoni chips on a baking sheet

Collin has been a fan of pepperoni chips for awhile now, and when I made some of my own, I can easily see why. The crunch you get is literally just like a chip!

I have been making these and keeping a bag of them in my purse, so when the time comes and I am craving a snack, I can easily just grab my “chips” and I’m good to go. If your diet allows, try dipping these bad boys into cream cheese or a cheese spread. YUM!

2. Meat Bars & Jerky

hand holding a protein bar in packaginghand holding a protein bar in packaging

There are a ton of different types of jerky products out there now, and they’re available pretty much everywhere. With the Carnivore Diet, just make sure to look at all the ingredients, and avoid jerky with hidden sugars, heavily spiced varieties, and artificial flavoring. EPIC meat bars make a quick and easy grab-and-go snack. We also love People’s Choice beef jerky!

3. Beef Sticks

Chomp Beef SticksChomp Beef Sticks

My personal favorite! I love having beef sticks on hand, so it’s not unusual to find them in my purse, car, and pantry. These grass-fed CHOMPS meat sticks are keto, Whole 30, gluten-free, non-GMO, and Paleo-friendly. If you are strict on the carnivore diet, I would avoid the flavored sticks and just stick to the beef and turkey varieties.

4. Salami Roll-Ups

keto salami roll ups in air fryerketo salami roll ups in air fryer

Salami roll-ups are the perfect carnivore snack idea! Cut cheese sticks into thirds and wrap each with a piece of salami and secure with a toothpick. They’re great on their own, but you can also place in the air fryer and cook for 6 minutes at 360 degrees Fahrenheit for a warm, melty treat.

Not opting for dairy in your carnivore lifestyle? Skip the cheese sticks and simply enjoy the salami rolled up on its own!

5. Bacon

pile of baconpile of bacon

I mean who doesn’t just love bacon? ? You can often find a bag of bacon either in my purse or car when I am out doing errands. If your diet allows, you can even make yourself a “Chex mix-style” bag by adding bacon, cheese cubes, and pork rinds.

6. Pork Rinds

holding bowl of pork rinds holding bowl of pork rinds

These bad boys have been a perfect go-to snack. Pork King Good pork rinds have the best flavor and a great price point. Read our post here on why we love this brand so much! Pork Rinds can be tricky for carnivore based on the cooking method so make sure you are getting pork rinds that are baked or air fried and avoid ones fried in canola oil.

7. Tuna

hand holding a can of tunahand holding a can of tuna

Tuna is the perfect switch up if you are wanting something different than the typical red meat. “How do you eat it?” you ask? I like to grab a few pieces of bacon or pepperoni chips and use those as a cracker base to pile on tuna chunks. Just be sure to watch out for any artificial flavorings in the ingredients list.

8. Hard Boiled Eggs

hand holding hardboiled eggs next to air fryerhand holding hardboiled eggs next to air fryer

You don’t need to reserve eggs for breakfast — they’re a great snack any time of day. Check out how to make a dozen hard-boiled eggs at once so you can enjoy them as you want. I recently purchased the Dash egg cooker and it will make 6 eggs at once for another simple cooking method.

2 scotch eggs on a plate cut open2 scotch eggs on a plate cut open

Hip Tip – Take your hardboiled eggs up a notch by making Scotch Eggs! ?

9. Bone Broth

homemade bone broth in slow cookerhomemade bone broth in slow cooker

Last but not least, don’t forget about good ole bone broth! Make your own or check out some of our favorite sipping broths from the store. Not only is it a good snack on the carnivore diet, but bone broth is a nutritious source of collagen which is wonderful for your hair, skin, and nails.

The Carnivore Code book on a counter next to some steaksThe Carnivore Code book on a counter next to some steaks

To learn more about the Carnivore Diet, follow us along with our Hip2Keto Book Club selection this month!