Fort Myers Italian Food Restaurants: 10Best Restaurant Reviews

There is something about Italian food that warms a person’s soul. It’s comforting, it’s full of flavor and the restaurants that serve it are usually full of life. Italian food is more than spaghetti, meatballs and pizza. Many of these 10Best take great pride in their gourmet selections, braising beef, roasting fish and adding modern twists to old-world favorites. 

10Best dining establishments such as Angelina’s have built quite a reputation locally, as well as nationally, for its award-winning cuisine and wine list that tops 4000 bottles. Angelina’s occupies a big space but manages to maintain a warm, romantic feeling. 

The restaurant CIBO is a fraction of the size of Angelina’s but locals still dress to impress here, many staking out space at the small bar, after work.

One thing you’ll find at all of these 10Best are local owners and colorful chefs. Many of the chefs are also owners who pay close attention to every detail of their establishment, including the patrons. Mike Fattah from Farfalla remembers birthdays while Dario Zuljani from Ariani’s who loves to sing and educate diners on the area of northern Italy where he and many staffers hail from.  

No matter which of these 10Best you choose, your senses and belly will be full and happy when you leave.