Fortinet Training Institute

The Fortinet Certified Trainer (FCT) assessment is a trainer evaluation process in which each candidate
has to prove their training delivery skills. The FCT assessment is a two-day assessment that
evaluates the FCT candidate’s ability to maintain Fortinet’s quality standards in technical knowledge, skills
and instructional abilities.

Who can apply?

The FCT assessment candidate should be a Fortinet employee or a candidate sponsored by an ATC
who has submitted proof of reference, along with an online application form. An FCT candidate who wants to apply
for an FCT assessment must meet the following knowledge and experience eligibility requirements:

  • Extensive technical knowledge and skills in network security and cybersecurity
  • Five years of relevant experience in network security and cybersecurity
  • Certification in the required NSE training courses
  • Five years of experience in training delivery in IT security
  • Demonstrable training facilitation and delivery skills

If you meet all of these requirements you can apply for the FCT assessment!

Please contact for queries and suggestions.