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DTS chairman seeks to digitize SMEs

DTS chairman seeks to digitize SMEs
July 26, 2022 | 08:00 pm PT
Leon Truong, chairman of Digital Transformation Alliance for SMEs (DTS), says enterprises should approach and implement digital transformation quickly but in accordance with their own capabilities and resources. Truong, also known as Gia Bao Truong, graduated with a degree in Business Administration in Vietnam and later obtained an MBA in Communication from Charles Sturt Australia, a university with a history of more than 100 years of teaching and research. Photo by DTS
He used to hold the position of sales director of Sendo.vn e-commerce platform, FPT Telecom product manager, Fshare.vn project manager and founder of Fsend service, marketing and product director of FPT Online. Currently, Truong is the chairman of the Digital Transformation Alliance for SMEs. At FPT, Leon earned the titles of Top under 35 FPT, Top 100 FPT 2015… With intensive experience, he became a leading expert in the field of e-commerce and technology enterprises, as well as a speaker at many courses and forums. Although Truong is busy with his leadership roles, and e-commerce is already dominated by many large businesses, he constantly put a lot of enthusiasm into helping SMEs. He said, “SMEs need to approach and implement digital transformation quickly but in accordance with their capabilities and resources, ensuring the highest efficiency”. DTS’s chairman hopes to provide practical and feasible solutions for the survival of businesses in the digital period, preserving revenue, overcoming the pandemic crisis and developing in the future. Vietnam’s e-commerce in the past three years has witnessed strong development. According to a report by Google and Temasek, Vietnam rose to third place in Southeast Asia in 2018, with e-commerce revenue estimated at $2.8 billion, surpassing Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Along with e-commerce, digital transformation is becoming a national strategy and a survival strategy for businesses and organizations in the 4.0 industrial revolution. Users and business units benefit greatly from the competition among enterprises. Many large, small and medium enterprises, individuals and business households have added online sales channels on e-commerce platforms in addition to traditional stores. Many businesses invest in technologies and systems for marketing, sales and customer care. However, not all units can exploit profits and earn orders because of the lack of e-commerce and digital transformation solutions suitable for SMEs. Leon Truong works with Cedals Center and District 5 Business Association on a solution for Cho Lon Online Market in December 2020. Photo by DTS
DTS brings together experts and businesses operating in the fields of technology, e-commerce, digital services and digital technology. It has the goal of supporting the SME community to change business activities in the direction of the 4.0 industrial revolution to enhance competitiveness. The strength of DTS lies in its gathering of a community of experts and businesses with real combat experience, a practical approach and solutions. Leon Truong (R) and a Funix University’s representative sign a strategic collaboration agreement for e-commerce and digital transformation training program development between Funix University and DTS Alliance. Photo by DTS
DTS is operating in the following fields: trade promotion (including connecting, creating opportunities to increase trade between businesses in the digital transformation ecosystem and the SME community, between SMEs and user); communication (organization of media events in the field of e-commerce and digital transformation, sales communication services, e-commerce experience services); training (enhancing enterprise capacity through training classes on thinking and management of e-commerce & digital transformation); supply of human resources (in the field of e-commerce and digital transformation). The company provides a system of diverse products and services including survey services, assessing online maturity levels, online presence levels, digital asset safety; training on online business, e-commerce management and digital transformation management; organizing trade promotion by an e-commerce platform; organizing events in the field of e-commerce and digital transformation; consulting and organizing brand communication campaigns. DTS Alliance is currently a strategic partner of many associations of occupation and business associations, as well as prestigious educational, training, technology and media organizations like Vietnam Internet Association (VIA), Vietnam High Quality Goods Business Association, District 5 Employment and Economic Development Support Center (CEDALS), FPT Telecom, Funix University, MediaOne,…
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