Free Data Entry Classes & Training Online

Are you wondering how to learn data entry? One of the best ways to start can be to take a data entry certificate course online. These courses will give you the skills you need to get a job in data entry. is a website filled with information on academic programs across the globe and training opportunities for various careers. This website also offers free online lessons for individuals interested in learning various languages and skills.

  • Learn to Type includes five text-based lessons offering training for fast and accurate typing. Students can also encounter exercises that need to be completed in a word processing computer program. Topics covered during this program include finger placement, using the shift keys and using specific keyboard rows, such as the QWERTY row and numbers row.

At, beginners can learn typing basics through lessons providing written instruction. Individuals can also benefit from a variety of typing exercises and practice drills that test their typing speed and accuracy.

  • Peter's Online Typing Course is the free course that houses all of the lessons, drills, and exercises available on the website. This course provides pictures, descriptions and tips that can lead to better typing efficiency. At the end of every lesson, students can test their training by completing lesson-specific interactive exercises. Before beginning the process of learning techniques for typing, this course suggests reading the provided preliminary materials that cover effective learning principles, basic finger placements, and typing ergonomics. helps individuals at all skill levels develop or improve existing typing abilities. The goal of this website is to teach students through the touch typing method so that they can increase their data entry speeds. Dozens of keyboard layouts are available for languages that include French, Dutch, Filipino, Portuguese, and Spanish. Registration is not required to access this site.

  • Touch Typing Study includes 15 lessons that offer training exercises, hints, and keyboarding drills. Each lesson is dedicated to introducing specific key sets and provides the ability to learn typing skills with an animated onscreen keyboard. In the final tutorial, exercises incorporate all keys learned throughout the course. In addition to learning through the lessons, students can test their typing skills by participating in speed tests and typing games.


Students using ARTypist can benefit from a free online typing course designed to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced typists learn the basics or enhance their current skills. Speed tests and typing games are also included on the site. Registration is available but is not a requirement for utilizing typing course contents.

  • Typing Course consists of ten lessons that cover basic finger positioning and how to properly use each finger. Each lesson incorporates exercises that go over specific letters and symbols. The first two of 14 exercises in each lesson offer advice on how to type. The following exercises allow students to practice by viewing which keys they're typing in real time and determining their speed and accuracy.

Individuals interested in developing their typing skills can benefit from free typing courses and lessons from In addition to these learning materials, students can explore typing games that make practicing fun as well as typing tests that gauge typing accuracy and speed. Students can register to track their progress or enroll and pay for a subscription to access lessons without ads. This site also makes materials available to teachers for free.

  • Typing Courses and Lessons offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons to help users enhance their typing abilities based on their current skill level. Each lesson provides finger placement instructions and training exercises. During these courses and lessons, students can learn how to access every key on the keyboard, type accurately and type with speed.

Type Online

Type Online is a free online platform designed to help students enhance their keyboard skills. This website serves as a resource for individuals, businesses, schools and organizations and does not require registration to use its features.

  • Typing Lessons on this website can familiarize students with keyboard and number pad typing. Lessons include explanations for proper typing techniques and corresponding training exercises. Type Online also offers typing safety hints that can help protect against any health-related injuries. Students looking for additional training can find copy practice and speed tests.

Typing Club

Individuals who want to learn touch typing can benefit from free resources at The website teaches the correct hand posture for typing during lessons and also allows students to revisit their past typing performances. Though registration is not required, it can benefit individuals who want to save their progress.

  • Typing Lessons on this website cover the alphabet, shift keys, numbers and symbols in an online tutorial. Individuals can also choose to complete advanced courses that were created to help increase typing speeds. Before an exercise begins, most lessons provide finger placement hints and general typing tips. A placement test is available that allows students to unlock and jump ahead to certain lessons based on their existing skills.

Typing Tutor Online

Typing Tutor Online is a unique typing website in that it caters to individuals of all ages by providing larger fonts and a simpler format. Beginner students can learn to type with all ten fingers, while more advanced students can improve their existing skills to become faster and more accurate typists.

  • Typing Lessons on this website include brief written instructions with interactive images that explain how to get started with lesson exercises. The character exercises are divided into eight parts, with each part consisting of about ten exercises focused on specific keyboard rows. Students can also test their typing skills by completing sample texts. After completing each exercise and sample text, students are provided with an overview of their typing skills, noting their speed, number of errors and error percentage. helps students develop touch typing skills or enhance their current abilities and become quicker and more efficient. Among the typing tools available on this platform are animated tutorials, games and a typing test. Guidelines are also available to ensure students understand the five rules of touch typing.

  • Keyboarding Tutorials include 16 free lessons for touch typing training, with each lesson consisting of an animated typing exercise. Students have the option to change settings for the exercises, including receiving correction guidance upon a mistake and picking background colors. Upon completion of each lesson, students learn their words per minute and accuracy. For additional training, individuals can practice their typing skills by using their own texts or BBC news headlines. offers a variety of typing tools and resources, including a free typing test and a free online course called Typing Trainer. The course requires students to sign up for a free account for full access but allows individuals who have not registered to explore an interactive tour, sample lesson and simulator.

  • Typing Trainer provides 21 free lessons designed to simplify the process of learning how to type. The lessons are animated to allow students to see on the screen in real time whether they are typing the correct keys. Included in the lessons are motoric warm-ups, a variety of drills and a skills test. Upon completion of the exercises found in the lessons, students will receive an overview of their typing accuracy and speed.