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USAHello’s GED® and HiSET® preparation classes will help you get ready to pass the test. Sign up with just an email address. You can start today. There are no ads and no commitment. You can study in your spare time from your computer, tablet or phone. It is completely free.   

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Want to learn more about the GED® and HiSET®?
Find information on USAHello’s website, including how to register for the test. When you pass the test, you will get a high school equivalency diploma. Depending on which state you live in, the diploma will either be called a GED® or HiSET® credential. You can take both tests in English or Spanish. GED® is also offered in French.

Our classes will prepare you, but you still must take the GED® or HiSET® official tests to get your diploma. If any website tells you they can give you a diploma, it is not true. Do not give them money or personal information.

Want to test your knowledge?
USAHello also offers a free GED® practice test.