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If you are a creative person who loves beautiful spaces, then a career in interior design may just be right for you! A world of opportunities awaits those with the right skills and aptitude for designing a home, office, hospitality, or retail interiors. Does this sound like something you’d like to explore?  You can channel your creativity in the right direction through an online interior design course. There are many free courses available that could give you a taste of what this career path entails. Here are our top picks of the most popular interior design online courses that come at zero cost.

1. Free Interior Design Classes Online (Skillshare)

Skillshare offers an array of self-paced free classes that will introduce you to the basics of interior design, with lessons on interior décor, arranging a centrepiece, balancing a colour palette, and much more. Hands-on class projects will get you thinking and give you experience in the use of design tools, and you can interact with peers who can give you feedback on your designs.

Free interior design courses and Certifications

2. Best Free Interior Design Courses (Udemy)

Udemy, the leading online educational platform, offers opportunities to learn basic techniques of interior design at a foundational level, and also work with professional-level design styles. You will get the low down on topics like minimalism, lighting design and layouts, the use of colour and so on. The courses are packed with hands-on exercises and tips and tutorials that will equip you with the skills you need to get started with this career path.

Udemy courses on Interior design

These self-paced how-to tutorials will help you to reimagine your spaces and use popular software like Revit and SketchUp to design plans, add products and create work schedules for implementation. Short courses include Restaurant Design, LEED Certification for green buildings, bathroom remodels, and Revit techniques, among other professional development topics. Pick the courses you need to sharpen your skills and get ahead in the profession.

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Oxford Home Study Centre offers a 20 hours short-term course that is open to anyone looking to make a career in this field. You can get a glimpse of the interior design industry, that’s enough to make you want to explore this fascinating field further. The introductory course is free, while the remaining programs including Certification courses, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma courses come with a cost-effective price tag.

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This 6 to 10 hours free online course takes you through an overview of interior design as a discipline. You will learn aspects of project planning and client communication, various principles of design including colour, balance, harmony, space utilization, and other factors a designer takes into account when working within a space. You will understand how to use textiles and surface materials and the importance of accessorizing right. The syllabus covered also includes styles and themes of furniture, and how to source the furniture that goes well with your décor.

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MIT has opened its hallowed portals to online students, and their free introductory course on the Principles of Design is a great starting point if you want to brush up on your basic design concepts. Aspiring designers can build up from the solid foundation that this course provides. And hey, you cannot go wrong if you tell someone that you’re studying an MIT program!

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While this is not a course as such, it’s a valuable free repository of articles and guides curated by Better Homes. You can get valuable professional tips, and do-it-yourself projects with nuggets of practical inspiration to get you started on designing your own home. Learn about best practices in topics as diverse as upholstering your chair yourself, to wall décor tips and small kitchen ideas.

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YouTube has an amazing collection of Interior Design Sketching courses that are completely free. Each of the courses is a step-by-step tutorial on drawing two or one point interior design perspectives. Learn to sketch like a pro and get all the angles right! There may be overlaps in the content, as each topic has been created by a different artist and the series is not perfectly coordinated. Get a handle on freehand sketching and learn to impress your clients.

Interior design Youtube courses

If you want to explore a career in interior designing then these courses would be the perfect way to start. Self-paced online classes will allow you to grasp the fundamentals, right from the comfort of your own home. If you need professional support in setting up your home, feel free to reach out to HomeLane at any time!