Free Machine Learning Courses with Certificates – (50+ Courses)

Machine Learning is a field of Artificial Intelligence, which allows computers to train on data inputs and use statistical analysis to output values that fall within a specific range. It is equipped with methods of data analysis that automates analytical model building. The system learns from data, identifies patterns, and makes decisions with minimal human intervention. 

Precision and Recall keeps track of how often the process is correct. Recognition and Detection describe face recognition, face detection, object detection, image recognition, etc. Classification techniques deal with labelling and training the data inputs and categorizing them based on previous data. Machine learning techniques are used to perform tasks by inferencing patterns from data. Recently, a lot of fully featured, end-to-end platforms have been developed using machine learning techniques.

Deep Learning techniques are based on artificial neural networks. Layers of nodes connect to each other, and after the training, they organize themselves. 

This free machine learning course offered by Great Learning will help you learn Machine learning techniques, classification, and other concepts. Machine learning and deep learning technologies of Computer Science are the most leading in today’s IT sector. This course will guide you in understanding the machine learning techniques and the methods employed in achieving the same. This course will benefit both working professionals and aspiring students aiming at being industry fit. A free machine learning course with a certificate will take you through a live session on concepts ranging from basics like representation to advanced topics like classification methods. This course will help not only professionals but also students who are aiming at being industry-fit individuals. This course will help subscribers to get hands-on experience on machine learning techniques and their work. Machine Learning, being a subset of Data science, uses Data Science techniques to train the device to compute data resources without human involvement. To learn Data Science in your free time, you can enroll in one of the program courses offered. On successful completion of the course, you will also gain a certificate that is UGC approved. Happy learning!