Free Online Canva Graphic Designing Certificate Course

Free Canva Course Online by Experts in Hindi

Learning Canva can be your sure shot ticket to big jobs as a graphic designer. This course makes you eligible for thousands of jobs rolled out every year. Mapped for solopreneurs, graphic designer beginners, advertisers and marketers, this course trains you on how to use this design tool for a professional purpose.

You can learn how to use Canva, create various designs, types of templates, ways to use it to make posters, Instagram stories, using various elements, etc. Overall learning empowers you to present creative ideas that serve like hot cake.

Major job roles related to Canva Online Course in Hindi and salary data

Canva online course in Hindi is suitable for graphic designing jobs. You may also be an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a solopreneur, or a freelance designer trying to enrich your skills in creating awesome designs. The course prepares you for the following posts; national annual average salary data also provided:

  • Canva Designer: Rs. 5 lakhs approx.

  • Creative Designer: Rs. 5.8 lakhs approx.

  • Social Media Executive cum Designer: Rs. 3.5 lakhs approx.

  • Freelance creative designer: Rs. 26000-Rs 30000 per month approx.

What you will learn in the free Canva course in Hindi 

LearnVern free Canva course in Hindi trains you on how to use templates and create designs for posters, social media banners, cards, T-shirts, and a lot more. Using this design tool is a hot-selling skill that can enrich your expertise as a graphic designer. Major modules cover topics, such as:

  • Canva set-up and dashboard

  • Main features and template ideas

  • Design folder making and updations

  • Creating Designs for Social Media,Personal use, Marketing, Business, Education

  • Editor module for using elements and pictures; how to add chart, grid, word art (typography), etc.

  • Canva design tips and tricks – QR code creation, perfect alignment, making the process more efficient, etc.

Join the Canva course online for free at LearnVern to understand and master all nuances of using this design tool.

Who should be taking the Canva Online training course for free?

Canva course in Hindi for free suits the requirements of designing beginners and professional creative designers. Those with a creative streak in them can pursue their skills by joining this govt. approved online course in Hindi. It is quite helpful for:

  • Digital marketers

  • Graphic designers

  • Both beginners and non-designers

  • Social media enthusiasts and managers

  • Working professionals

  • Independent designers

  • Small business owners

  • Entrepreneurs, etc.

  • Students

  • Advertisers

Join this online course to end-to-end learn how to use the Canva app and design software and learn all tips for making every design a class apart. 

Why Canva Design Course at LearnVern is more industry-relevant?

Designing is in high demand in the modern industry sector. Businesses need branding solutions to create impressions. They use flashcards, business cards, merchandise, banners, digital banners, etc. to establish their image. Canva tutorial course at LearnVern provides both basic and advanced knowledge of designing. The course makes students eligible for various designing jobs and also to start a designing business of their own. 

LearnVern Canva certificate course enriches designing skills in a time-relevant manner. The certificate provided is quite beneficial in searching for jobs. It also prepares you for interview questions and fetches jobs easily. You can do the job as well as start your venture by learning skills from this online certification course.

Next steps to learning Canva 

Canva course helps ease the designing jobs. One can employ learnings of this course in doing various advanced courses in graphic designing. On completing this course, one can join other courses, such as:

  • Art designing

  • Graphic designing

  • Creative designing

  • Design thinking

  • Video editing

  • Social media marketing

Not as a qualifying criteria, but the Canva course offers the additional skill to add to graphic designing courses. Industries need people who are well-versed with tools and software, and this course offers the technical soundness needed to carry out designing jobs.

Canva editor or individual designing contributors, freelancers, graphic designers, marketing campaign designers, etc. are some of the jobs where the design tool experts are of great utility.

Why LearnVern for Canva course online

LearnVern is the best resource for learning Canva. The best trainers provide video tutorials to walk you through all the basics and advanced concepts of this design tool. Students get access to 3-hour long video tutorials, several articles, and a community learning environment.

There is a discussion board provided for students where they can connect with fellow learners to solve queries. LearnVern e-learning platform is accessible on both Android and iOS environments; thus, you can take a course on any device of preference. Also, there is an assignment and quiz provided at the end of the course to check proficiency skills.

This online certification course portal provides up skilling in a self-paced manner. The USP of this course is its availability in Hindi and other vernacular languages. 

LearnVern courses are free of cost. People can join these courses that come with no hidden cost. You can access these courses through the app also. No need to give up your current job or buy a new device or clear some tough exam, you can start learning the skill of your choice immediately.