Free Online Childcare Courses – Early Years Careers

Why not try these free online childcare courses

These free online courses are provided by the Open university, they are easy to complete and will give you an introductory insight into a particular subject.

Introduction to child psychology

  • Duration

    8 hours

  • Introductory level

As you work your way through this short course you will

  • Explore the discipline of child psychology as an area of study
  • Understand how theories try to explain children’s development
  • Discuss important questions that are central to child psychology
  • Explore how child psychologists work in different applied settings.

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Attachment in the early years

  • Duration

    6 hours

  • Intermediate level

This free childcare course describes Bowlby’s attachment theory.

After completing this short course you should be able

  • describe attachment classifications and how they are assessed
  • describe the features of caregiving that influence attachment, and the significance of attachment for lifespan development
  • discuss why the attachment system is an adapted and adaptive mechanism
  • recognise the need for ethical conduct in research carried out with children
  • describe the ethics principles of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and explain how research can be conducted ethically in line with these principles.

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Early years team work and leadership

  • Duration 8 hours

  • Intermediate level

This free online childcare course is a great introductory course covering aspects of teamwork and leadership.

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