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Did you ever get to thinking if there are any tools that might assist you in organizing and coherently analyzing your data? Microsoft Excel can assist you in accomplishing this goal. Microsoft Excel is a versatile spreadsheet tool for recording and analyzing numerical data. In Excel, numbers and alphabets depict rows and columns, respectively, and the intersection of a column and a row is referred to as a call. When an organization employs an individual, one of the first things they check for is Excel proficiency. Learn Excel online and improve your ability to perform well at work. Before we go any further, let’s talk about why we should start learning Excel fundamentals.

Why should I learn Microsoft Excel?

We are surrounded by numbers and data all over. It doesn’t matter where these numbers and data are coming from, but we need a way to organize this data strategically. Excel is an excellent tool for storing and analyzing numerical data. Today, there are a variety of Excel online courses available to assist you in learning more about this helpful tool. One of the most compelling reasons to learn Excel is that it increases productivity and makes you employable. You will need to use Excel at some point in your career, whether you are an Accountant, a Business Analyst, a Data Scientist, or a Teacher.

It can help you in multiple ways. Let us take a look at a few reasons to learn Excel. 

  • It can help you organize data in an easy-to-navigate way
  • Perform basic and complex calculations and mathematical functions
  • Represent piles of data in the form of helpful graphs and charts
  • Analyze data and forecast predictions
  • Create, and edit pivot tables and images, and so much more
  • For these reasons, it is always advisable to take up an excel course and understand the fundamentals of the tool. 

Common functions used in Excel

There are hundreds of functions that can be used in Excel, but in this free excel tutorial for beginners, let us understand some of the basic and most widely used functions. 

=SUM() – Adds series of cells
=IF() – Checks if the specified condition is met and returns a particular value if YES and a particular value if NO
=AVERAGE() – Calculates the average value of a series of cells
=MIN() – Returns the minimum value 
=MAX() – Returns the maximum value
=SMALL() – Returns the smallest value 
=LARGE() – Returns the largest value 
=VLOOKUP() – Helps in looking for a value that is in the leftmost column of a table 
=COUNT() – Helps in counting the number of cells in a series 
Important shortcuts in Excel
F2 – Edit active cell
F4 – Toggle references
CTRL + 1 – Format Cells
CTRL + C – Copy
CTRL + V – Paste
CTRL + R – Fill right
CTRL + D – Fill down
ALT, I, R – Insert row
ALT, I, C – Insert column

Let us understand some of the best practices to be followed while using Excel that will be taught to you in free excel courses.

Save the workbook with compatibility in mind. In case you aren’t using the latest features, you should save your files in 2003 *.xls format for backwards compatibility.
Use appropriate names for columns and worksheets in a workbook. This will ensure that there is no confusion.
As far as possible, it is better to not work with complex formulas that have many variables. It is easier to break them into smaller groups. 
Make it a habit to use built-in functions whenever you can.

Why take this free Excel Course with Certificate?

Excel for Beginners is a free course provided by Great Learning Academy for you to learn Microsoft Excel and how it works. The course covers the concepts around all the basic skills required such as ribbon, functions, customizing the workbooks, inserting graphs, tables, and so much more. 

This Excel for Beginners course is among the best online excel courses and is most suited for freshers who are just beginning to learn Excel. The free Excel certificate course can also work well as a refresher for anyone who wants to revise their knowledge about Excel before starting a new job or attending an interview.   

Great Learning Academy is a repository of free courses as well as premium resources in several domains such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, and so much more. You can also sign up for this free course and start your career by learning from the best in the industry. 

This Excel for Beginners course will provide you with the requisite understanding and skillsets to be able to make the most effective use of Microsoft Excel. It is an industry-leading spreadsheet software. It is a very powerful analysis as well as a data visualization tool. Through this free online excel course with a certificate, you will be able to learn how to use formulas to perform complex calculations to analyze your data. You will also get a comprehensive understanding of concepts such as borders, sorting and filtering with the data, date and time, and if-else conditions.