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This Business Management training course will help you :

Lesson 1 – How to be a Great Manager through Strong Leadership

Effective leaders are virtually idolized by the people they lead. Part of it is because of their unique personal skills, however, the leaders who are willing to take the heat, accept risks, and make decisions under fire makes people want to follow them. Their courage, intelligence, and decisiveness impress people and inspire confidence.

In this Lesson, leadership skills, which are essential to great management, will be discussed through some invaluable tips, tricks, and secrets to success.

Lesson 2 – How to Manage and Organize your Department to Meet the Goals

In order to accomplish the goals desired, you will need to have a good strategic and tactical plan. You will need a basic roadmap on where you are now, and where you are going.

In this Lesson we will look at a model using management examples of a Customer Service/Support Manager that can help you fully understand and improve your organization, and ways to set up your department to its optimum performance to be able to meet any goals or objectives.

Lesson 3 – How to Manage your Employees & Build a Strong Team

Great managers need to make people function in a collaborative fashion. This can be quite a challenge when you have so many different personalities to manage. You need to mold them to think as a team. Your employees will recognize your managerial and leadership capabilities and you will be respected.

In this Lesson you’ll have the necessary tools to build strong and motivated individuals, who will in turn work as a great team.

Lesson 4 – How to Hire & Retain the Right People

The most important aspect when looking to hire someone is to try to recruit people who will thrive under your management approach. So when it comes to hiring someone new, you get a chance to make a fresh start and hire nothing but the best.

This Lesson will show you valuable information and ideas to use during the interview and hiring stage. There will also be some ideas and ways keep them in your company for a long time.

Lesson 5 – How to Deal with Conflict, Problems, Difficult Employees & Firing

Just when you think everything is going along smoothly and under control, the inevitable conflicts, disagreements, and differences of opinion start to escalate, and harmony within the team is disrupted. You sometimes need to be a counselor or mediator. In some cases it’s time to fire the individual.

This Lesson will deal with all of these issues and more…

Lesson 6 – How to Delegate, Manage your Time, Solve Problems & Make the Right Decisions

Managers usually have to juggle many tasks, projects, and meetings daily. If you try to take on every project yourself, you will most likely end up missing deadlines and ineffectively prioritizing. You need to multitask. This is why delegating is one of the most important aspects of being a successful manager.

This Lesson will cover how to effectively delegate, focus on how to multi-task, manage your time, and making the right decisions to solve the problems, all the while keeping your stress levels down.

Lesson 7 – How to Get your Point Across through the Art of Business Communications

You need to be able to clearly communicate all of the goals, plans and changes. Communication may be the single most important skill of a manager. You can’t be a good leader if you can’t communicate your vision.

This Lesson will cover ways to effectively communicate including business writing, communicating verbally, handling meetings, giving presentations, and dealing with change.

Lesson 8 – Business Basics Part I – Business Types, Ethics& Law, Economics, Finance & Accounting

You should know how to interact and understand the functions of each department within a business organization. By understanding the basic financial terms, economics, legal, ethics, sales figures, marketing strategies and operating functions, you will feel confident and not blinded by science when you are in management meetings.

In this Lesson we will be reviewing the different types of business along with an overview of ethics, economics, finance, accounting, budgets, and legal.

Lesson 9 – Business Basics Part II – Operations Management, Customer Service, IS & HR

Operations Management has a wide scope of responsibility. It is the area of business that is concerned with the production of goods and services, but also involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective.

This Lesson will give an overview of the basic functions within operations management along with a brief overview of Information Systems (or IS), disaster planning, customer service and technical support management.

Lesson 10 – Business Basics Part III – Marketing & Sales

A company must sell its products or services in order to pay the bills and earn a profit. R&D (Research and Development) first develops the product or creates a service, marketing then lets individuals or organizations know the company exists and what they are all about, and finally sales does the selling that brings in the money. 

In this Lesson we will go over the basic concepts of marketing and sales. This will include market strategies, market research, the 4 P’s and 5 C’s of marketing, sales tactics and type of sales.