Free Online Photography Courses | Alison

These days anyone with a smartphone can take a decent photo but there is so much more to photography than a snap-happy Instagram pic. If you want to discover how to capture nature’s beauty, how to produce a photograph worthy of being enlarged and framed or how to add effects to elevate an image into something truly special, our free online photography courses will help you. All you need to do is register for your Alison account and enrol on a course – it couldn’t be easier! 

We begin with a focus on the art of taking photographs, from the basic equipment to composition to editing the image you’ve captured. Our digital photography section has fresh perspectives and new skills whether you are starting out or are an experienced professional. You can learn how to master the art of photo editing using software such as Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom. Whether you are interested in a career in photography or simply want to take better selfies, you’ll find the angle you are looking for in our Photography Hub.