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Growing out of Agile project management methods, ‘Scrum’ is a specialized technique dedicated to clearing obstacles in the way of a successful outcome. Generally, a small team is led by a ‘scrum master’ who convenes them daily to discuss and solve any problems or issues that have cropped up. The team then focuses on removing these roadblocks as quickly as possible. The term comes from rugby, where a scrum is a group of people who bind together to get possession of the ball and pass it onto the rest of the players so that they can score. Our free course on Scrum for project management will take you through everything you need to know, step by step. You will be immersed in Scrum’s key features, functions and main artifacts, which are the product backlog, sprint backlog and product increment. Once you’ve mastered the theoretical side, you will be equipped to lead the team to their goals. Scrum is especially used among website developers who have to work quickly in an often rapidly changing environment and who need to have an optimal workflow. If you become a scrum master, it will fall to you to enforce the values and best practices of your team.