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21st Century is awesome. All possible knowledge is available just from your home, no matter what you studied in college, you can learn any skill to get the job of your dreams and lead a lifestyle you always wanted. Like I did. ?

So, how things are going on with learning SEO skills? In this article, I’m going to tell you about the free sources of SEO education, which personally I consider being the best ones.

MOZ beginners guide to SEO

The SEO Guide created by Moz, the of the most reputable SEO companies, speaks for itself. It is divided into 10 chapters, that cover everything concerning the basic search engine optimization and content marketing aspects. You can also learn more from Advanced SEO: Tactics and Strategy by Moz. There you can find explanations on how to use UX and socials to promote your site. What is more, Moz created the Whiteboard Friday, a weekly updated vlog, which covers many subjects related to SEO/SEM.

How search works

This scrolling story created by Google is the abecedary describing how the search engine works. Here you won’t find recommendations on how to promote your website but will find out the basic algorithms of what is going on.

The compulsory piece of reading for all SEO newbies.

Serpstat Academy

Serpstat Academy is a nice place to learn about keywords research, search analytics, competitor analysis and other things related to SEO and PPC. The information provided by Academy is valuable for both beginners and advanced specialists, as it contains many insights and use-cases.

The great plus is that education is based on Serpstat tool itself, which is all-in-one SEO platform, so you can easily start working on the project from the very first lessons while passing the courses. Or this can also be the downside if you’d like to choose some other platform for the future work. But seems like it’s not a big deal since all SEO tools are quite simple and similar to use.

Wordstream SEO basics

This course was created by another established name in the world of internet marketing, Wordstream. Although this is not a very extensive guide, it covers all the basics of SEO. This long article contains useful examples and tips that you might like to mark.

This Digital Marketing course offers many useful tips and solutions for your business. It will definitely help you to understand the main points of advertising with Google. The course includes the introduction to Google Analytics, the ground of your SEO/SEM.

Coursera SEO courses

Coursera is another brilliant resource to get knowledge in mostly any desired field. It’s SEO courses allow receiving in-depth knowledge on this subject.

Beginning from the introductory guide for newbies, it continues with the search engine optimization strategies for advanced specialists.

An absolute must for all who seriously intends to do SEO.

Search Engine Lands Guide

This SEO Guide from one of the most trusted industry sources is represented in the very clear form of the periodic table. And it is all about how to succeed with your website.

The 9-Chapters table’s explanation gives comprehensive information on how to get organic traffic: on-page SEO, off-page SEO and how they interact.

The Advance Guide to SEO

The words “advanced guide” sound quite terrifying. Although this one, created by Neil Patel, is one of the most enjoyable sources you can find on the subject. It is all depicted in the form of infographics. This guide is not the one suitable for beginners, but you need to learn some of the basics before you tackle this guide. Nevertheless, this 9-chapters tutorial covering some complex SEO points appears to be the easy read.

Hubspot Academy

SEO is all about Content Marketing, and Content Marketing is all about SEO. That’s why even through Hubspot Academy does not contain courses specifically about SEO, it’s impossible not to mention it. As I consider these guys to be effective Content Marketing teachers. Besides clear video tutorials and tests, on the top of every Hubspot course, you also get their related resources, templates, guides that are very helpful. The certificate you get if passing final test successfully is also a nice thing.