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Free Restaurant Inspection App for iPhone, Android

Inspection results for Contra Costa County, Alameda County, Monterey County, Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles

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Contra Costa Health Services’ Environmental Health Division is committed to making information readily accessible to the public. Restaurant inspection results, for instance, have been on the department’s website for many years. CCHS Environmental Health has now gone a step further making this inspection information even easier to access by developing a free mobile app, California Food Inspector, for the iPhone and Android phones.

The app gives consumers instant access to inspection results for thousands of food facilities in Contra Costa County, Alameda County (now including Berkeley), Monterey County, Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The inspections are done by county food-safety specialists. Their mission is to protect the public from foodborne illnesses and promote safe food-handling techniques among restaurateurs and food vendors. Health inspectors usually find some health violations during their unannounced visits to various eateries, although many are minor infractions.

Most business owners or facility managers correct violations on the spot. In some cases, a follow-up inspection is conducted to ensure a problem hasn’t resurfaced. Only in the worst cases where there is an imminent threat to the public’s health – such as the presence of raw sewage, lack of hot water or an extreme vermin infestation – will health officials close a restaurant until the problem is fixed.