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On 6/6/2022 I inquired for a new insurance policy with Freeway Insurance. I spoke with ********************************* who issued me a new policy with Infinity Auto – policy #**************. I had a great experience with her zero complaints she made sure I knew the fees and explained everything in great detail. I paid I total of $607.41 in two payments to pay the activation fee and first month's payment. On 6/28/2022 I called back to have my policy adjusted to include an SR 22 – there was zero indication prior that a new SR 22 would be needed with a new policy. I spoke with ***************************** and from the get go the customer service was terrible but I needed to get this paperwork filed with the **** He explained the form would cost around $70 to file and my policy would increase by about $29 monthly, I agreed. It turns out instead of adjusting my existing policy I had opened on 6/6 (which he had pulled ** in the system and had knowledge of) he opened me a new insurance policy altogether to collect an additional $200 broker fee. He disguised this by holding the upfront payment to be charged 2 weeks later on 7/12/2022. This new policy was opened with ************** policy #GPCP-001052323-00. On 7/11/2022 I started receiving emails stating that my policy had lapsed, proof attached. I called in and spoke with a manager, *************************. He stated the emails were standard when a policy was about to renew (which didn't make any sense since I just opened a policy on 6/6). After much debate he offered a PARTIAL REFUND, only $100 of the $200 broker fee. This second policy should have NEVER been opened and the sales tactics by ***************************** were deceptive. He did this for his own financial gain and the company should act accordingly. Never once did he disclose this and I asked multiple times for confirmation. The recorded calls will show this. I would like a full refund of the $200 broker fee for your agent's deceptive business practices.

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