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Review from a customer who’s been with the insurance for 3 years. Signing up was the only easy thing with this company. I got involved in a car accident and that is when I discovered my insurance was canceled. Contacted the claims support and the representative I spoke was the rudest, unprofessional person ever. Nicholas Hager. My card on file expired and this company only sent one mail to my address informing of that my payment was declined. I’m a student and don’t live at one location. All my time with the insurance I had autopay which was to help me not to forget making payments on time, and all that time I’ve been paying, I’ve never received any complaints about my card. This company has my phone number and email on file but they never contacted me in regards to my card expiration they just terminated my policy. I’m extremely disappointed by the unprofessionalism of all the staff I spoke with once I found out my policy was terminated. At the time when I needed them the most that’s when they treat you like a stranger. I don’t recommend them at all!!! How in this present time do you not contact people vial email or phone call????? You need to update your systems because you just lost a great customer!!!!!!