Frequently Asked Questions – SPC Workforce, Community & Corporate Partnerships

What is your contact information?

Workforce, Community, and Corporate Partnerships
EpiCenter at St. Petersburg College

13805 58th St N
Clearwater, FL 33760


How do I register for a class on this site?

Step-By-Step Instructions

Are there grades in non-credit classes?

Upon the completion of specific courses, students will receive a grade of (S) Satisfactory or (U) Unsatisfactory which do not enter into the computation of the term or cumulative grade point averages. The course itself may appear on your transcript, depending on the type of non-credit course you are enrolled in. 

How do I print my online class certificate?

Not all course have certifticates. If there is one, when you log into your course there will be instructions on how to obtain one.

Do I need to work for a company to take training?

No, you do not have to be working for a company to take any of our classes. All of our classes are open to the public. If you need a class scheduled specifically for your company contact Belinthia Berry at or 727-341-4279 for a quote.

Do you schedule customized classes for companies?

Belinthia Berry

 at or 727-341-4279 for a quote.

Yes, we do! Contactfor a quote.

How do I log into my online class? What if I have other online class questions?

For classes in our D2L platform, sign in, and click Go to your Dashboard, then current Current Registrations, and click the Go to Class link.

Where can I fill out a Consent to Release Student Information?

For more information on FERPA, click here.

Do I need to purchase books for any of the courses?

Consult the description for your course of interest to see if you need to purchase any textbooks. Most classes have the instructional materials included in the cost. There are a few classes that will require a textbook to be purchased separately.

Will classes be cancelled?

Every effort is made to conduct classes as listed in our booklet and on our web site. However, circumstances make it necessary for classes to be cancelled, postponed, or combined. If it is necessary for us to cancel or reschedule a class, you will be notified by phone or by email. If a class is cancelled you may transfer to another class, if available, or receive a full refund.

If I cannot attend a class for which I am registered, how do I drop/reschedule a course?

If you need to drop/reschedule a course before the first meeting of the class, please send us something in writing to process your request. You may email us at or fax us at 727-341-3186.

What is your refund policy?

Each category of class has it’s own refund policy. Please read the refund policy attached to your class in the shopping cart when completing your registration.

Will my organization accept CEU’s?

Check with the IACET directory for more information on CEU’s.