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Fuki Sushi, Palo Alto, CA

Fuki Sushi Restaurant Review:

One of the challenges of dining at Fuki Sushi is deciding where to sit. It’s fun to hang out at the sushi bar and watch the chefs prepare their sometimes exotic, always attractive, creations. It’s equally pleasurable to take off one’s shoes and dine in one of the tatami rooms. In addition to the main dining room, there’s the Sun Room, with its abundance of natural light. When the weather is nice, eating outdoors in the meticulously landscaped garden area is definitely the best bet. Two standout appetizers are the assorted clam sashimi and the tako sunomono (sliced octopus and cucumbers in a vinegar sauce). For a main, try the nicely fried tonkatsu with sweet dipping sauce or the crispy shrimp tempura. Vegetarians will enjoy the san sai kama meshi, a combination of fresh vegetables and rice that is cooked in a traditional Japanese iron kettle for 20 minutes.