Funny Restaurant Signs at this Texas Eatery are Now Compiled in a Book

El Arroyo in Austin, Texas is known far and wide for its funny restaurant signs, and  they’ve compiled their best signage into a book.

El Arroyo’s Big Book of Signs: Volume One contains 158 pictures of El Arroyo marquee signs over the years.

El Arroyo posts a different sign every day. The sign’s witticisms are thought up and discussed via email by a group of about 15 people connected to the restaurant including managers and owners. Ideas can come from anywhere, however. The restaurant even has a joke submission page on their website, and told Austin 360 that the signs are “generally picked based on how hard we were laughing reading.”

Check out some of the most side-splitting funny restaurant signs here:


Stop asking about your X

El Arroyo Sign math

It’s heavenly

El arroyo sign flan


El arroyo sign heimlich

Cut it out

El Arroyo beer

It’s our problem-free philosophy

El Arroyo Sign 40

It totally does

El Arroyo Sign cardio

That’s… pretty high

El Arroyo Sign willie

Gym selfies are the 7th circle of hell

El Arroyo sign workout

Better than how dogs do it

El Arroyo Sign Bobby pins

Stop the planet, I want to get off

El Arroyo Sign

Those Oompa Loompa songs seemed awfully rehearsed

El Arroyo Willie Wonka


El Arroyo Sign road

WARNING: The use of this product does not enable you to fly

El Arroyo Sign warning

Here lies the English language

El Arroyo Sign good grammar


El Arroyo Sign children

Forget apples

El Arroyo Sign selfie

Sorry for what I said before I was caffeinated

El Arroyo Sign coffee

If only…

El Arroyo sign check yourself

Very sad

El Arroyo Sign brunch

Food good, words bad

El Arroyo Sign spelling

Game requests are how you know someone doesn’t value your friendship

El Arroyo Sign candy

Fight stereotypes

El Arroyo Sign confuse people

I see what you did there

El Arroyo Sign dwarves

El Arroyo’s Big Book of Signs: Volume One is currently available on the restaurant’s online store for $24.99. They also offer it in a 10 book gift set. Or you could get 20 of the books for $449.82 in case you wanted to give one to everyone on your gift list.

This article was originally published in 2017. It was updated on March 24, 2021.