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Are you a fan of the Coin Master game? As a casual game, this type of mobile game is aimed at young and old alike. The aim? To win lots of rewards and coins. So if you like casino games, that’s perfect, because we’ve put together a short list of games like Coin Master. Plus, all of these titles are free to play, so it’s all good. So get your virtual slots, kiss your lucky charms and place your bets! Here we go for the best games similar to Coin Master. ?

POP! Slots™ : Live Vegas Casino – Slots like in Coin Master

Did you say Las Vegas? No doubt about it, we are in the theme. POP! Stots gives you a real virtual casino experience on your mobile. In this game like Coin Master, you have access to a lot of slot machines and different draws. The goal is to win as much money as possible, while putting as many chances as possible on your side.

This title has a real plus compared to other Slots games. Indeed, you have the possibility to visit various real casinos, without moving from your living room. All virtually. Good to know: It is possible to play almost anywhere thanks to the offline mode. In addition, POP! Slots is part of our selection of the best mobile casino games.

? Also find out how to play POP! Slots on Windows PC and Mac!

Island King – The game where you build your village as a Coin Master

This is a family game like Coin Master! As in the latter, building your own village is part of your mission. In Island King, fight against your friends, family or Facebook buddies to grow your little towns. You can fly from one island to another in the blink of an eye, attack villages and visit lots of beautiful places. To get enough resources for your travels, you need to earn corners. To do this, play the wheels of fortune hard!

The special thing about this game is that it’s not just about winningvirtual money. No, you can steal some and go to any destination. Be careful though, as this game is quite Pay-to-Play ?

Coin Boom: Raid Like Master! – Collectable cards and pets

According to the promises of this game, every day you can win something! By playing Coin Boom slots, you are guaranteed to get various resources to build your best villages. Here you can challenge your friends and attack their camps. If someone tries to steal your wealth, get your revenge. In addition to having an entire world to discover, there are collectible cards available to earn you more prizes.

Coin Boom also allows you to own pets, riding the pet trend. This means that you are responsible for your pets and their happiness. Take care of your pets and upgrade them whenever you can. ?

POP! Corner: Spin Master – Spin all the way and travel!

MOONJOY is back with POP! Coin. In this opus, you will travel in a unique world. Earn lots of coins by playing machines, win shields, attack your friends and build your villages as you wish. As in the previous game, collectible cards await you to find the most beautiful treasures.

A nice touch with this online casino is that you can participate in POP! Coin tournaments, as well as special events. All the events organized for this game are winning, there are lots of rewards to get.

Pirate Master: Coin Kings – The pirate game that looks like Coin Master

Simple and effective, Pirate Master is like Coin Master replacing pigs with pirates. Building villages, attacking hideouts, challenges of all kinds… All this on a very fluid user interface. Pirate Master invites all fans of virtual money games to compete to bring his Caribbean island to the top! ?☠️

Go to spins to earn coins, skulls, potions, shields and cannons. It is possible to assemble cannons, improve your island and earn huge amounts of loot. The coins will help you improve and build your buildings and ships. If the machine releases three skulls, you are allowed to attack other players. With potions you get free spins. Shields block the attacks of those around you. And finally, cannons allow you to aim at a fellow player’s island to plunder it!

Coin Kingdom – A very strategic virtual money game

This is a game like Coin Master, but more strategic. Coin Kingdom challenges you to protect your kingdom from your opponents. Spin the slots and let the luck take over. You may win lots of coins to upgrade your buildings and build a strong kingdom. Maybe you’ll also get shields, to avoid your friends’ attacks.

In Coin Kingdom, your goal is to keep your lands safe and collect as much treasure as possible. The game’s little extras: the universe, hyper smart. The possibility to hire a servant to help you manage the kingdom. But also, the existence of mini-games and small challenges to win rewards. In short, a nugget halfway between a casino game and a strategy game for the general public.

Pirate Kings™️ – The ultimate mobile draw game

Experience the ultimate pirate experience in Pirate Kings. One of the best games from Jelly Button Games, where you have to win treasures and plunder your friends in real time. You’ll have to spin the Wheel of Fortune to earn money. With your coins and loot, attack the construction of your own pirate kingdom and go out to rob other players.

The game is very similar to Coin Master, but with slightly more chances of winning. Pirate Kings relies on the possibility for each player toimprove their island at their own pace. This is why there are many prizes to be won, for players from all walks of life.

Cash Adventure : World Spin Master – Like Coin Master, but with more logic

Without a doubt, Cash Adventure is one of our favourites. For this title, available on Android, you will find all the codes that make Coin Master popular. On the thực đơn, attacks, challenges, raids with friends and a big Wheel of Fortune to be shot every day.

The aim of the game is to build your own little world and protect it by getting shields. Players from all over the world can come and attack you or help you. The funny thing about this game is that if you attack one of your friend’s world, you win money! ?

⚠️ Small aside: These games are free, but offer a lot of paid content. Gambling abuse can be dangerous to your health. Don’t hesitate to talk to people close to you if you feel you are playing too much of this type of game. Closing the parenthesis.

Did our selection of the best games like Coin Master appeal to you? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment to react or to share your gaming experiences. If you are looking for new mobile games, don’t hesitate to read our other top games and for the fans of Coin Master, don’t forget to get your daily free spins! ?