GED Online Classes, Computer Skills, and Job Skills.

Imagine how good it will feel to finally have your High School Equivalency diploma! Enroll in one of our three High School Equivalency online classes to prepare for the GED test or HiSET exam. Each course is 100% approved by the test companies who write the tests.

The passing requirements have been lowered on all the high school equivalency tests. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can get your GED or HiSET credential.

Our online study program will figure out the skills you need to brush up on and then give you certified practice tests to make sure you are ready and will pass the tests the first time. Most of our students get their high school equivalency credentials in 6 weeks or less. Studying for the GED online with Essential Education is like having your own personal tutor who knows exactly what you need to know. Everything is explained in easy to understand videos.