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General Chemistry I Online Course

This course is accompanied by General Chemistry I Lab Online and covers the elementary principles and theories of chemistry; matter, measurement,
atoms, ions, molecules, reactions, chemical calculations, thermochemistry, bonding,
molecular geometry, periodicity, gases.


CHEM 121: General Chemistry I


Pre or Co-requisite:
MATH 103 or higher. Open to all students; no high school credit in chemistry required.

Online – Self-Paced Enroll Anytime

EST. time to complete:
3 to 9 Months

$384.88 per credit

About General Chemistry I

Chemistry as a broad, complex, multifaceted field of study, that is, a subject that
is the foundation to the physical world. After taking General Chemistry I, you should
be able to relate ideas about chemistry into other fields such as biology, medicine,
and engineering as well as everyday life. After successfully completing the course,
you will be able to:

  • Remember terms associated with the following concepts of chemistry: the states of
    matter, the control of chemical reactions, and some chemistry of the elements.
  • Predict simple chemical and physical behavior based on chemical structure.
  • Describe the role that energy plays in chemical systems and in modern society.
  • Engage in quantitative reasoning by expressing and solving mathematical problems that
    describe chemical behavior on the macro-scale, and analyzing and interpreting graphs
    and tables containing technical data and see relationships in the real world that
    are being described.

Students have 3 to 9 months to complete this course from the time of enrollment. You
may work at your own pace and complete lessons on your own schedule, submitting up
to three items per week for grading. This course contains 13 lessons including 5 proctored exams that are designed to focus your study of Chemistry and to assist you in achieving
the course learning objectives/outcomes. Each lesson contains learning objectives,
a to-do list, required reading, a video with supporting materials, and assessments.
Lesson topics include:

  • Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
  • Composition of Substances and Solutions
  • Stoichiometry of Chemical Reactions
  • Thermochemistry
  • Electronic Structure and the Periodic Properties
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Geometry
  • Gases, Liquids and Solids

Required Textbook and Materials

  1. Textbook: Chemistry 2e, OpenStax, 2019, this e-text is free and accessed online through a link in the Blackboard
    site. If you would like a paper copy, use ISBN-13 9781593995782.
  2. Student Solution Guide: The free student solution guide is available online though
    a link in the Blackboard site.
  3. ALEKS Homework System: ALEKS is an online learning and assessment tool that helps
    to build proficiency. You can purchase an access code through the ALEKS link in the
    Blackboard course
  4. Calculator: A non-programmable calculator (capable of exponential notation) is required for exams. Note: The Ti-83/84, Ti-83/84
    plus and T-83/84 plus silver edition and above (or equivalent) calculators WILL NOT
    be permitted to be used on the exams. Each student must have his/her own calculator
    and know how to use it. Cell phones may NOT be used as calculators for exams.

How will the course appear on my transcript?

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