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What are people saying about mongolian restaurants in Hayward, CA?

This is a review for mongolian restaurants in Hayward, CA:

“This place is not “all that” nor is it “all this” either.

We went last night and got the beef lai fun, roast duck porridge, and combination fried rice. The best dish was the fried rice. The lai fun was tasteless. Even my wife, who likes he food bland, wanted to add soy sauce and oyster sauce to the lai fun. The porridge was a bit rice-chunky but the roast duck was tasty but a bit fat. I even spoke to them in Cantonese and didn’t get the “Chinese-speaking special cooking and seasoning”.

This place is NOT like going to Oakland or SF Chinatown, unless you go to a mediocre place. The good places in Oakland and SF Chinatown reign supreme over this place any time, day, or dish. I actually believe Genghis Khan across the street is better. We are not going back.”

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