Geoffrey Zakarian Says This Is What Makes His New Show Different From The Rest

If you’ve ever watched cooking competitions such as Food Network’s “Chopped,” Netflix’s “Sugar Rush,” or Bravo’s “Top Chef,” then you likely know that the winner receives a cash prize — sometimes a very hefty one. And then, according to “Big Restaurant Debut” investor and judge Geoffrey Zakarian, “it’s over.” Appearing recently on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Zakarian explained that on his new show, winning that prize money is really where everything begins.

“When you win this show, then you start, then the hard work starts,” he told Meyers during a cooking segment. “Then you’ve actually gotta be at the restaurant 15, 18 hours a day,” he said, referring to the fact that the show’s winner will receive a $250,000 investment from Zakarian’s restaurant group, which will actually stay involved post-win to help support and steer the chef’s new venture. “This is a dream restaurant for them, so it’s a really encouraging show. We do the very best we can to help them along.”