Georgia | Top 100 Golf Courses

Named after King George II of Britain, Georgia is the largest state to the east of the Mississippi in terms of land area. Known as the Peach State due to the high quality fruit grown in the region, the state officially adopted the juicy peach in 1995. Georgia is also an industrial and economic powerhouse earning the moniker: Empire State of the South.

Mention Georgia and virtually every golfer in the world will think of Augusta National. Home of the Masters, Augusta is undoubtedly the official golf course of Georgia, even though getting a game there is harder than cracking a peach stone between clenched buttocks.

Now administering around 350 golf clubs, the Georgia State Golf Association was originally formed in 1916 with the primary purpose of holding a state amateur championship, the first of which was poignantly won by a 14-year-old Bobby Jones, who went on to become the only player in history to win The Grand Slam: The Open, US Open, The Amateur and US Amateur. Bobby Jones is quite rightly a golfing legend and his achievements will likely never be repeated but should never be forgotten.

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