Georgia's Most Expensive Restaurant Is A Foodie Favorite

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Georgia's Most Expensive Restaurant Is A Foodie Favorite

The Daily Meal named the priciest restaurant in every state. The Georgia spot with the biggest tabs also wins praise from foodies.

The priciest restaurant in Georgia has earned praise from foodies and critics, says The Daily Meal website. (Shutterstock)

ATLANTA, GA — If you want to impress your date or visitors with fine dining, there's only one place to go in Georgia. The Daily Meal named Bacchanalia in Midtown Atlanta as the most expensive dining establishment in the Peach State. The venue is a staple of best dining lists nationwide and locally.

Here's what the food site says about Bacchanalia: "Star Provisions’ upscale flagship, Bacchanalia, offers only a four-course tasting menu, with six options per course, for a set price of $95. If you’d like to supplement with caviar, that’ll cost you between $110 and $140."

The restaurant is located at 1460 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd. Suite A in Atlanta.

A sample menu includes: a foie gras torchon, veal sweetbreads, sweet potato tortellini, dry aged prime NY strip, scallops and halibut.

Here's how the restaurant describes itself: "Bacchanalia has well-earned its reputation as Atlanta's most-celebrated restaurant since opening in 1993, and consistently gains ratings as one of Atlanta's top restaurants. Featuring contemporary American cuisine from Chefs/Owners Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison, and a culinary team led by Jonathan Kallini, Bacchanalia features light and creative plates. Bacchanalia's seasonal menu relies entirely on organic ingredients, many sourced from Anne and Clifford's farm, Summerland, creating a fresh and unique experience every time."

The report also listed Masa in New York City, which costs patrons $595 per person before drinks and tax for its world-famous sushi, and Urasawa in Los Angeles, which will set you back $450 per person for the Michelin-rated Japanese food.

The Daily Meal didn’t include big, high-end steakhouses on the list, with the interest of keeping it as local as possible.


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