Get 75% off Udacity’s popular online courses in tech skills like data science and computer programming

  • Udacity offers free online courses and Nanodegrees to build in-demand, technology-based skills.
  • Courses are available in subjects like AI, programming, cybersecurity, data science, and business.
  • Below, find answers to FAQ, sales, and information on the top 10 most popular Udacity Nanodegrees.

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What is Udacity?

Udacity is an online learning platform that trains students for in-demand, technology-based careers. It offers both short online courses and Nanodegree programs in artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, business, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data science, and programming.

What are Udacity Nanodegrees?

Udacity Nanodegrees are online certificate programs that can typically last anywhere from 3-6 months, similar to edX MicroMasters or Coursera MasterTracks. They’re flexible and meant to work with your schedule, so you can learn at your own pace. All the programs also come with projects for hands-on learning and technical mentors in case you get stuck. 

One unique benefit to Udacity Nanodegrees is the career development resources students receive at the end, including help with optimizing resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and Github portfolios after completing the program.



How much does Udacity cost?

Udacity’s Nanodegree programs normally cost anywhere from $678 to $2,034 (without sale discounts applied), depending on the program and length of training. There are flexible payment options available, such as paying per month instead of all at once. 

Additionally, Udacity offers several scholarships for its online programs. You can browse all available scholarships here.

Are there any Udacity sales right now?

Right now through December 31, 2021, you can get 75%-off discounts on courses through December 31 if you use the code INSIDER2021 at checkout.

You can also apply for a personalized discount of up to 75% off Udacity’s tech courses if you answer a few questions about your employment status and income. 

Lastly, you can use the code UPSKILL21 at checkout to get 50% off Udacity’s tech courses, also through the end of the year, saving you up to $200 per month if you pursue a Nanodegree program.

Are there any free Udacity courses?

Yes. There are a number of free courses on Udacity such as Intro to Data Science and Google’s Front End Frameworks. You can browse all the free courses here.


(Note: Free courses do not come with projects, mentor assistance, or career development resources).

What are some of the Udacity Nanodegrees available?

These are the 10 most popular beginner and intermediate certificate programs on Udacity now: