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Dallas crawfish local spots

Ready to find a crawfish boil in Dallas? There’s nothing quite like a crawfish boil. The Texas take on the southern favorite low country boil, there’s just nothing like it. Whether you’re visiting from out of state or you are a Texan through and through, when in Dallas you need to check out the different crawfish hot spots in and around the city. With a growing population, you know there are going to be some good ones. It might just come down to which restaurant is closest to you, although we recommend treating yourself and checking out as many on this list as possible! These are our favorite spots around Dallas to get your crawfish fix.

the boiling crab

Located at 10560 Walnut Street Ste 100 in Dallas, this might be the best crawfish joint in the entire city. Of course, if you’re looking at really stepping out with your friends or family, you might want to consider the “Shebang XXX.” This menu item comes with a pound of king crab legs, a dozen oysters, a pound of clams, a pound of shrimp, a pound of crawfish, plus chicken wings, Cajun fries and some corn (because you need your veggies, after all). You’ll feel like you’re right on the Gulf with this location and menu. YUM! This is a delicious crawfish boil in Dallas that we just love.

Located at 3520 Oak Lawn Ave in Dallas, just about everything here is all about crawfish. Sure, it is a seafood kitchen so you can find other options if you like, but this spot does crawfish like you’ve never had. Plus, the seasoning you receive on the crawfish boil is out of this world! If you or anyone else in your party is feeling like trying something a bit different though, the crawfish fondue is a fun option, not to mention delicious.

aw shucks

You can find Aw Shucks at 3601 Greenville Avenue. This is one of those local spots you might not really consider when driving by, but it is the local spots you need to go to. Plus, you don’t need to just go with a Tabasco or other hot sauce if you want to spice things up. Here you’ll find a powdered hot spice which really lights your mouth on fire, if you are into that. While it is listed as an “oyster bar” (and you’ll find plenty of options), it is best known for its crawfish boil.

Located at 408 North Bishop AVenue 108, this  family favorite (although newer as it first opened its doors in 2012) specializes in boiled crawfish. The Crawfish Beignets is the hot seller, and when cooked up with wood grilled oysters, there is just a certain flavor complexity you will not find anywhere else in the city. If you like that extra wood smoked and cooked flavor in your food, this is a spot that is well worth the drive out to experience.


There are a handful of Cajun restaurants throughout Dallas and Razzoo’s is one of the best when it comes to crawfish boil. You’ll find the restaurant at 13949 North Central Expy (right off of Spring Valley and US 75) in Dallas. This cafe is part of a small chain. It’s not national as it is more localized, and while some will not like this, trying out the crawfish boil will likely change anyone’s mind. The Fishbowl, which is made up of fried crawfish tails and firemouth wings is one of the best selling menu items. You’ll find a load of crawfish options beyond the boil, so if anyone wants to go fried or even switch up to some oysters, this is a fun little spot to check out.

Is there anything better on a hot day then crawfish boil and an ice cold beer? We can’t think of anything, that’s for sure. Located at 9540 Garland Rd and Buckner Blvd, this is a small time joint that serves up crawfish boil right. Plus, the catfish and crawfish etouffee is out of this world!

There you have it! These are some of our favorite places around town to get your crawfish fix. Where do you like to go around town to satisfy your cravings? Where are your favorite Dallas crawfish boils? Let us know in the comment section below and give us the scoop on your local favorites. As always, stay tuned to our blog for all things eat, shop and play around Dallas.

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