Gianni’s At The Former Versace Mansion menu in Miami Beach, Florida, USA

I’m not impressed, but I’ll be back. The food quality? Decent, but nothing special. I’ve had better and more flavorful food than the chicken and potatoes I ate here at other restaurants. It’s like I’ve tasted this cheap gravy before, perhaps in a hospital, served out of can or bag and poured over food on to a piece of chicken that isn’t that tender or juicy.

The service? A disappointment. We had to ask 3 times before bread and butter was delivered to the table. They didn’t come back to refill our water until we were just about done with the meal, though the original waiter that took our order was OK, and gave us honest feedback about this places shortcomings. They were right, and I really appreciate their warnings and criticisms.

I’ve been to Miami many times, and to this restaurant several times. They’ve really gone downhill. Be that as it may, I keep coming back to here with friends of mine who are visiting Miami for their first time who love to check out higher end dining experiences with ambience and history like this. Unfortunately or fortunately, they’re easily impressed, so I keep coming back here, showing it to my friends who really love it, but I’ve had better.

Also, I’m dissapointed in how they don’t enforce the dress code. People come here for ambience, no? A fine dining experience? I follow the dress code, but lots of other people here don’t. There were quite a few adult guests who were dressed in sleeveless shirts, flip flops, and t-shirts with ridiculous graphics and words on them. I remember mention of a dress code on their website, but it seems like the staff don’t seem to care in creating the ambience of an upscale or fine dining experience.

This restaurant has slowly become designated as a ‘tourist trap’ in my eyes…a tourist trap that I suppose is worth visiting at least once in your life, especially if you like a little bit of an upscale feel and history mixed in with your brunch/lunch/dinner.

Miami is like another home to me. I’m in the city often. Undoubtedly I’ll have more friends swinging by for their first time who’ll want to check this place out, and not see the same flaws that I see. With that said, I’m disappointed, but will be back eventually maybe.